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Flat dies

Our production

  • Manufacture of flat thread rolling dies for screws and bolts in high speed steel with nitriding surface treatment according to standard profiles
  • Manufacture of flat dies with special profiles for rolling pieces according to drawing

We have high technology, modern and updated CNC machine tools as well as the best systems to perform all quality controls needed to manufacture high quality flat thread rolling dies.


Regrinding Service

Why choosing SALA PUNZONI

Thanks to our modern machineries with the most innovative manufacturing systems and the most advanced technologies available on the market we can grant large productions and a very high precision in performing.

The excellent manufacturing of our flat dies is granted by the usage of very high quality machines and equipment that enable us to perform all quality controls planned during the manufacturing process.

We can ensure very large productions and a very high quality of the final product, thanks to our constant investment in technology and to our wide experience achieved during the years. 

We manufacture special flat dies according to specific customer’s requests, giving us drawings and the necessary technical information to identify the best material available on the worldwide market, the most suitable heat treatment and nitriding process to be applied on the flat dies. This very close collaboration is essential in order to give an excellent service.

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Basing on our experience of over 30 years’ work, we can give a rewarded technical consulting service.

All this is done according to the most severe privacy and professional loyalty.

According to their specific features, our products can be used in the following fields:

  • Productions with low carbon parts and stainless steels
  • Threading of special pieces for aerospace applications
  • Threading of heat treated parts
  • Threading of Titanium, special alloys and generally any parts exceeding a hardness of 36 HRC
  • Rolling of special pieces like grooves, recesses and knurlings

Considering the wide range of SALA PUNZONI production and in order to respect our customers’ privacy we can show only these pictures representing a selection of the manufacturing capability of our company.

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