Advantages of using dies Sala

Greater consistency of the quality of the rolled pieces

Pieces rolled with SALA PUNZONI’s dies maintain consistency throughout all of the flat dies' useful lifetime and may have dimensional and profile problems only towards the very end of the flat dies’ life.

Less frequency in flat dies’ changes

The longer life of SALA PUNZONI’s flat dies reduces the number of tool’s changes and, therefore, the number of machine down-times.

The greater number of pieces threaded with SALA PUNZONI’s flat dies makes up the difference with a significant saving in Production costs.

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By using Sala Punzoni’s flat dies you have the advantage of regrinding them several times because they undergo specific heat treatments and, above all, they are core-hardened. Therefore, the performance of a reground Sala Punzoni’s flat dies set reaches about the 80% of the performance of a new flat dies’ set.

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