Flat -dies

Dies with special profiles

We manufacture special flat dies according to customer’s specific manufacturing needs, giving us drawing/designs and the necessary technical information to develop and manufacture our special flat dies for special rolling of pieces like:

  • Grooves
  • Recesses
  • Knurling

Dies with special profiles

Our special flat dies are manufactured either according to customer’s design or according to Sala Punzoni’s project.

We believe that a close collaboration is essential to give an excellent service and to manufacture products that can satisfy our customers’ needs both from a technological and a functional point of view.

Dies with special profiles detail

To produce our flat dies we use modern and advanced CNC machine tools as well as all the best quality controls.

Our company invests continuously in technological research and innovation because we are sure that only with the best instruments available on the worldwide market we can grant steady and high quality productions.

Only with planned production controls Sala Punzoni has no difficulty in conforming to the various customers’ requirements. Every step of the manufacturing process is monitored on a modern computer system to ensure large and precise productions.

In order to respect our end users’ privacy, we can neither explain nor give further details about this kind of flat dies. 

Dies with special profiles detail 1

Considering the wide range of SALA PUNZONI production and in order to respect our customers’ privacy we can show only these pictures representing a selection of the manufacturing capability of our company.

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