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Founded in 1966 in the surroundings of Lecco with the name of its founder, Mr. Sala Giovanni, since the very start the company immediately made a name for itself thanks to the high quality of its products, the professionalism, the flexibility and the skill in fulfilling its customers’ various requests.

At the end of the Eighties the society name changed to SALA PUNZONI S.r.l. and in the year 2000 the company moved to the actual plant in Calolziocorte, tripling the production department and the offices area. In 2006 the production department was further doubled because of the rapid company development .

headquarters in Calolziocorte (Lecco)Sala Punzoni’s headquarters in Calolziocorte

Figures and markets boost, but SALA PUNZONI remains faithful to its founder’s principles and philosophy by investing in innovation and in the most advanced technologies and orienting the productive and work processes in the best way to meet the ever more demanding market requirements. Today the company is one of the international leader in the manufacturing of special punches and of flat thread rolling dies.

our manufacturing: not only special punches and of flat thread rolling dies

The experience gained in more than 30 years grants SALA PUNZONI an excellent and a wide competency. Partner of its clients, SALA PUNZONI offers them an appreciated technical consulting service and maintains a direct, personal and fruitful customer relationship by understanding their real needs. Off course, all is carried out according to the most severe privacy and professional loyalty. 

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