Thanks to the high quality of its products, Sala Punzoni has been rewarded with ISO 9001 Certification since 2001.

The Quality Management System is permanently updated to keep up with company development and in full compliance with the evolution of mandatory and current quality certification standards.

Sala Punzoni’s staff is deeply involved in the pursuit and improvement of the company’s targets and of his or her personal expectations.

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Quality Management System

For the production of punches and flat dies Sala Punzoni purchases raw materials only from the most reliable steel suppliers in the world.

Only with planned production controls Sala Punzoni has no difficulty in conforming to the requirements of the various orders and in always granting a full customer satisfaction.

Every step of the manufacturing process is ongoing monitored and recorded on a modern and up-to-date computer system.

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Everything is planned and recorded to allow a continuous dialogue with the internal and external parties involved in the company activity and to keep under control the processing information over the years. As a matter of fact, Sala Punzoni’s products are marked with company logo and with the date of their manufacturing in order to enable their immediate traceability and identification in any time.

Research & Development

In order to confirm the information recorded through its step by step monitoring of the manufacturing process Sala Punzoni has a laboratory for metrological and hardness measuring.

The precise and steady manufacturing results are granted by the use of precise machines and software systems for the profile control.

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